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The Edge of the world

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Praise for The Edge of the World

Excerpt from The Edge of the World [PDF]

Like Graham Greene's The Quiet American, The Edge of the World renders, in human scale, the complexities of a post-colonial nation struggling to define itself, and the impact of American foreign policy on individual lives.

Chomumbhar, a small republic on the Indian Ocean, is unknown to the rest of the world until President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrive on a state visit to the island, in 1962.

Chomumbhar's colonial past, its autocratic government, and its ensuing alliance with America over four decades mark the lives of its citizens. The weight of history, tradition, politics, and prejudice affect, among others: Muni, a young Untouchable housemaid who eagerly awaits the state visit; Li Li Loong, a seamstress who makes a dress that changes her life; Prime Minister Ferdinand D'Souza, the island's visionary leader who is blinded by ambition and dreams for his country; Father Daniel Sullivan, an American Jesuit following in the footsteps of St. Francis Xavier; Mariel Vega, a beautiful Eurasian prostitute at the local US military base; and Alden Pyle, "The Quiet American," a CIA operative charged with seeding democracy in Vietnam and Chomumbhar.



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