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Menage a trois: The Writer in Bed with Fiction and Politics

Dissident Writers and Prison Literature ... from St. Paul to Reinaldo Arenas.

As the Bush Administration continues to spend billions of dollars on the war in Iraq, it tells Americans , "Don't worry, be happy." July 20, 2005

The plan that ended the Vietnam War may be the one to end the Iraq War: Say we won and bring the troops home. May 5, 2005

While Italy publicly honors its war dead, America hides its dead. Is that respecting our soldiers March 22, 2005

The Bush Administration’s decision to exploit the tsunami tragedy to improve America’s image and reputation in the world is reprehensible. January 18, 2005

Believing America is only good, America's leaders brought horror to Vietnam and are now bringing it to Iraq. December 6, 2004

The rap on reading: TV, Internet aren't only culprits August 02, 2004


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